Upcoming Exhibitions

Hello friends, 

This month I will be part of 2 exhibitions one here in Chicago and another in New Haven.  

My video installation Arbitrary Selection will be part of the exhibition Queering Space in the Green Gallery Yale School of Arts. Opens today and goes til the 28th. 

One of my newest works Pay Per View will be exhibited as part of Talking Points in the Student Union Galleries here in Chicago. This video installation is a 7 part film series where viewers may only access films by purchasing them. The values of the films are determined by the labor they are connected to. 

Then comes November ...  I will be part of the exhibition Feeling Myself in Atlanta, Georgia. As well as performing three times (enter nervous smile emoji). I will be unveiling (fancy) three new pieces.

November 2, Performative Panel for closing event of Talking Points, LNC Lobby

November 19, New Blood Performance Festival, Links Hall 

Strongest. Fastest. Cutest. Most Smart. Happy. Never Mad is an attempt to perform, comprehend and unhinge the social and physical stresses people of color in U.S are raised within as a psychological historical trauma.  S.F.C.MS.H.NM focuses on the archetypes of the celebrated yet continually antagonized athletes of color. Marcela Torres and Chase Calloway perform five, five minute rounds of physically demanding movement reenacting the athlete in training, the internal mind and the coach, through sparring, dancing and dialogue. 

November ?, 2nd year Graduate Student Lecture, School of the Art Institute Chicago 

Not sure what I should say about this yet... It's going to be intense and amazing and stupid.