Good Enough: A Convention on Forms of
Self-Reparation (2017)

Good Enough: A Convention on Forms of Self-Reparations is an educational model of social healing in the format of a convention. Similar to other conventions Good Enough occupies a physical space that is the representation of collaborations and time, with displays on the conventions floor, daily workshops and evening performances. Each project has been conceptualized as a byproduct of my activist, educational and performative practice with the goal of investigating how communities in the U.S offset the effects of oppression. Viewers and teammates are given tools to acutely identify individual and community symptoms of otherness while locating collaborative solutions.Self-reparation is the term of this methodology, an active labor performed by us for us.

Included Projects:

  • To Reach An End: A POC Femme group I created, individual projects created as a by-product of the To Reach An End group.

    • Sarita Garcia, Mercado Remix, 3 Silk Screen Prints on Canvas

    • Frida Sixta Tarin, LA MALINCHE (Traitorous Woman), 8 minute film and photo installation

    • Aichi Hsu & Maria Luisa Conlon, Not Afraid To Look Back, Film and kickstarter program in support of Standing Rock

  • Movement as Movement: Workshop and 8:28 minute documentation film

    • Collaboration with Fredrick Jahn Elementary School third grade class and Catalina Belizzi

  • Adaptive Restraints, 11 minute film

  • Favored to Win: A Conversation

    • 45 minute performance in collaboration with Chase Calloway & Jesse Meredith


To Reach An End


Favored to Win: A Conversation