HouseMate Residency Program

HouseMate is a 2 week residency program in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. Accepted residents will have a private room and a connected studio space (living room). There is no housing or tuition fee, residents will pay for their own travel, supplies, food and personal needs. Each session is customized for the individual resident interests, with a focus on emerging artists who work within race theory, queerness or are an alternative student . Residency includes field trips to local museums, archives and galleries. Attending lectures, openings and performances throughout Chicagoland and 2 formal studio visits with local curators, thinkers and fellow artists. Additional programming provided.

HouseMate residency is a unique program that caters to the residents specific needs wherever they are within their artist practice. Using my own personal network in Chicago I am hoping to provide a free tuition program that serves as a retreat, where I can share my resource as an artist for artist giveback. I will serve as a tour guide, research assistant and art admin to assist your growth. 



Applications have closed

Session 1, Feb 2019: Yun Ingrid Lee

Session 2, TBA