Someone To Talk to All The Time

Someone To Talk To All The Time | 2013 | Projected Video Essay | 14:17 minutes 

Someone To Talk To All The Time is one part of the essay series Pionero Americano. This series is a collection of memoir essays I have written that recount my experience of being raised in the U.S., specifically in Utah as a Mexican American in the Mormon (Latter Day Saint) church. Each essay unpacks ideas revealed through numerous events and theories connected to religion, society, philosophy and personal confrontations. 

 Someone To Talk To All The Time describes how falling in love with a Caucasian American conflicted with my predefined theories on identity and continued genealogy. This act allowed for both my husband and I to realize we no longer believed in our organized religion, and more than anything we doubted its morals. The title Someone to Talk To All The Time refers to our experience of finding a partner and this phenomenon replacing the need to pray. In creating this film I hoped to put to rest any ideas of guilt I felt in leaving the religion of my family, and hoping that by saying what I needed, they and myself would understand the intent of my actions.