Born, Salt Lake City, Utah

Resides, Chicago, Illinois


Recently I have been calling myself a “social strategist.” This is an umbrella term to describe how I  bring performance, objects, workshops, and sound installations into the world. I mobilize theory and practice to reconfigure social structures and improve our navigation of daily life. My work pairs alternative learning methods with martial arts–using this as a formal language–for the audience to witness a true representation of identity. I’m invested in depictions of identity that are sticky, hard to watch, have a price of entry, are a risk, have effects that hurt and ecstasies to be revealed. These messier configurations allow for complex and transcendent views on race, gender, ableism, and socio-economics in the United States.  The process of understanding long term effects of structural oppression is neither easy nor static. One image cannot represent the fullness of my brown body. Considering the limits of representation, my practice prioritizes time and feeling. It focuses time-based bonding with fluxes of pain and love through long term training or therapy. I also include community conversation to make the fluidity of personhood accessible and legible in a non-hierarchical fashion.

marcelae.torres at gmail dot com 


2017 School of the Art Institute Chicago, MFA Performance 

2015 University of Utah, Sculpture BA

2015 University of Utah Art History BFA

Current Employment

Community Engagement and Public Programs Manager, Gallery 400 @ UIC

Artist Guide, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

Teaching Artist, Chicago Arts Partnership in Education 


Solo & Two Person Exhibitions

Jan 2019 / Roots and Culture - Chicago, IL

Group Exhibitions

Nov 2018 / On Guard - Matthew Rachman Gallery - Chicago, IL

Oct 2018 / Local Comfort - LVL 3 - Chicago, IL

May 2018 / The Dangerous Professors - Flatland Gallery - Houston, TX 

Feb 2018 / Queering Space - Fosdick Nelson Gallery, Alfred University - Alfred, NY

Feb 2018 / Body | Armor - Acre Gallery - Chicago, IL

Nov 2017 / Beyond the Utopia - SITE Gallery - Chicago, IL

Oct 2017 / How To Survive - Pinky Swear - Chicago, IL 

Oct 2017 / Daddy Issues - DFBL8TR Gallery - Chicago, IL

May 2017 / IMPACT FESTIVAL - Chicago, IL

Jan 2017 / F*ck U! In the Most Loving Way - Northern California Women’s Caucus for Art -Street Independent Film Center, San Francisco, CA

Dec 2016 / Always On Time, SAIC Deans Office - Chicago, IL

Nov 2016 / Feeling Myself, Downtown Players Club - Atlanta, GA

Oct 2016 / Queering Space, Green Gallery Yale School of Art - New Haven, CT

Oct 2016 / Talking Points, Student Union Galleries, SAIC - Chicago, IL

2015 / Utah Ties Juried Exhibition, CUAC Contemporary, Salt Lake City, UT

2014 / A Proximity Of Consciousness: Art and Social Action, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL

2014 /  Notice His American Shirt, Granary Art Center, Ephraim, UT

2014 / (IM) MATERIAL: Visual Intersections, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

2014 / Utah Ties Juried Exhibition, CUAC Contemporary, Salt Lake City, UT


Performance Events / Festivals / Workshops

Feb 2019 / Experimental Action Festival - Houston, TX

Feb 2019 / Power Ouch - Link Hall - Chicago, IL

Dec 2018 / Agentic Mode - High Concept Labs - Chicago, IL

Oct 2018 / Agentic Mode - WORm - Rotterdam, Netherlands

Oct 2018 / BarTalk - De Hague, Netherlands

April 2017 /  Second Session 2018 Workshop Series - Three Walls Gallery - Chicago IL

March 2018 / MCA in Progress - Chicago, IL 

Nov 2017 /  First Session 2018 Workshop Series - Three Walls Gallery - Chicago IL

Sept 2017 / Fringe Forward Festival - Detroit, MI 

Aug 2017 / Sucias - HoofPrint - Chicago, IL

Mar 2017 / Virtual International Exchange - Industry Lab - Boston, MA

Mar 2017 / Bearing: object, body and space - Student Union Galleries - Chicago, IL

Dec 2016 / Performance Is Alive: Satellite Art Fair - Miami, FL

Dec 2016 / Scoring And Keeping Score, DFBL8R - Chicago, IL

Nov 2016 / New Blood Performance Festival, Links Hall - Chicago, IL

April 2016 / Inverse Performance Festival, 21 c Museum Hotel - Bentonville, AK

April 2016 / Northern Triangles, Borderland Collective, Rational Park - Chicago, IL

Nov 2015 / New Blood Performance Festival, Link Hall - Chicago IL

Oct 2015 / Me Moria, 6018 North Gallery, Chicago, IL



Sumer 2017 / ColorBlock, Ponderosa - Lunow-Stoizenhagen, Germany 

Summer 2017 / Acre - Steuben, WI 

Summer 2016 / Atlantic Center for the Arts - New Symnra Beach, FL 

Summer 2016 / Feminist Boot Camp - Ephraim, UT


Publications, Interviews, etc

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